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Outstanding results with a clear return on investment


Choosing to work with Early Childhood Investigations was an important milestone for HiMama because it helped us to engage directly with thousands of early childhood professionals. The results have been outstanding with a clear return on investment and a growing awareness of our brand. The process of working with Fran and Early Childhood Investigations has also been wonderful. We’ve developed a partnership that extends beyond any type of transactional relationship, allowing us to work together to further the field of early childhood education with our unique experiences, capabilities and networks. Fran cares deeply about early childhood education and the people that she works with and that’s a winning combination in my opinion.


Ron Spreeuwenberg

Co-Founder & CEO, HiMama


A trusted advisor


I highly recommend Fran Simon, her consulting services, and her unparalleled webinars. Fran has an exceptional knowledge of Early Childhood trends, capabilities, and opinion leaders. Most importantly, Fran has a unique intuition – based on 30+ years of solid experience – to match a business offering and needs to the specific realities of Early Childhood, which creates win-win opportunities to everyone who works with her. Fran is a trusted advisor who can help tremendously any company or individual who wants to make a strong impact in the Early Childhood field.


Hugo Augusto

CEO, MyChild

Sponsoring webinars has been a great way to gain thousands of qualified leads


We have found Early Childhood Investigations webinars to have a long reach and a targeted audience. Sponsoring webinars has been a great way to connect with new customers, potential authors, and to gain a huge number of qualified leads. As a publisher committed to supporting young children’s healthy social-emotional development, we value the opportunity sponsorship with ECIW has given us. The webinars have allowed us to reach thousands of early childhood educators with high-quality content and to support an amazing group of highly experienced expert presenters who are passionate about the work they do.


Marjorie Lisovskis

Editorial Director, Free Spirit Publishing


The product was more than we could have ever asked for


I had the great pleasure of working with Fran last year when my team began planning a webinar series on Modern Engagement Strategies. Fran far exceeded our expectations: she was very knowledgeable, professional, intelligent and personable. Not only did she develop a comprehensive statement of work (SOW), she provided ad hoc services as needed. The work product was more than we could have ever asked for or received had we hired a government contractor. Fran is a social media maven and I can’t wait to work with her again soon! Well worth the money!


Yalanda (James) Williams

Regional Program Specialist, US Department of Health & Human Services

There are very few marketing minds so attuned to the vast and varied ECE space


One of the best decisions I could have made during my work as Director of Follett Early Learning was to hire Fran Simon and Engagement Strategies to help build our brand in the Early Childhood Education field. Fran took the time to learn about our work and efforts to that point, internalized our identity, then made sound recommendations for our marketing collateral, exhibit presence and voice in the field. Most notably, we sponsored a series of webinars that we called the “Follett Growing Readers Webinar Series” that featured thoughtfully-selected leaders in the ECE field. It was an absolute hit. While we had been producing catalogs for a few years before we kicked off the webinar series, most of our inquiries – whether at conference exhibits, conference sessions or inbound calls – referenced learning about us through the webinar series. The integrated marketing plan and webinars set us perfectly on the path of brand credibility we wanted and opened doors for us where our best efforts had failed before. That experience led me to realize that there are very few marketing minds so attuned to the vast and varied ECE space and even fewer positioned with a vehicle to engage providers. Fran Simon and Engagement Strategies uniquely fits that bill and, if I ever needed help building an ECE marketing strategy, she would be at the top of my list.


Andrew Davis

Director, Follett Early Learning


Thank you … for the high quality webinars


I appreciate the high quality webinars that you provide. To offer them free of charge is extremely beneficial. I also want to thank you for recording them as well as offering certificates. I share your site with many of the programs I work with especially those looking for training on a level for skilled educators. There are very few opportunities out there that offer the type of quality webinars that you do through ECI.


DeAnn Sewell

Huffer Child Care Resource and Referral