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Early Childhood Education Software Survey

Studying the use of Software for Family Engagement, Documentation, and Program Management in Child Care, Head Start, Preschool, and PreK settings



We wondered about software use by the adults who operate early childhood programs. So, we asked them about their experiences!



In September, 2019, as a independent voices in early childhood education, Engagement Strategies and Modern Metrics Barn launched a survey about early childhood program selection and use. This study specifically explored administrators and teachers use (and non-use) of program management, family engagement, and documentation software. In addition to collecting satisfaction levels on elements of technical support, customer service, training, various features, and other elements of more than 35 products, we surveyed users about there selection processes, intentions about using these systems.  The survey is now closed, and the results from more than 2,800 responses on 40 factors are being analyzed.



Once the evaluation is complete, the results will be used to inform early childhood professionals about trends, use cases, and processes, as well as provide developers and distributors with valuable information about the state of the industry. The first roll out of initial findings will be presented in a conference presentation at the NAEYC Annual Conference and Expo in Nashville, TN on November 22, 2019.


You can learn about the initial results:

Digitizing your program’s operations: How to choose software for program management and family communications

November 22, 2019
10 AM
NAEYC Annual Conference and Expo
Music City Center, Room 204

We will publish more of the findings and offer webinars by Spring, 2020.



Donations to thank the survey participants

To encourage survey participation, Engagement Strategies pledged to make donations to three deserving early childhood charities.   Donations will be made to these organizations in November, 2019:


For more information:

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