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Webinars: Production, Hosting, Training, and Sponsorship

Your webinar solution

Chances are, you’ve attended webinars for training or to learn about a product or service. Maybe you have attended an online meeting instead of traveling to a remote location for a business meeting. Did the experience pique your interest in conducting webinars for your business? If so, we’d like to be a part of your solution.

There are several ways we can support your company’s need to deliver webinars:

We can help you by producing and hosting your webinars or by training you or your staff to produce them.

Or, maybe you just don't want the responsibility of creating the content, producing the sessions, and marketing the end product, and you would prefer to sponsor sessions for lead generation in early care and education. We have a solution for that, too!

We've even hosted sessions for professional development consultants and groups who want to save time and costs by training clients remotely.

How webinars can help your company grow?

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Sponsoring webinars for lead generation in Early Childhood Care and Education

We produce Early Childhood Investigations Webinars (ECIW), a highly successful service established in 2010. ECIW offers free conference-quality online sessions to make it possible for stakeholders in the early childhood sector to experience insights from the internationally renowned experts who present on the most important topics in the field. The webinars have become one of the most powerful and effective lead generation and branding tactics for our sponsors: Companies and non-profit organizations that want to attract leads and build their brands with early childhood education decision-makers. Sponsorship is affordable and incredibly powerful. Sponsors receive thousands of leads to grow their email lists and stock their sales pipeline in every webinar. A Sponsorship Kit that includes a complete data profile, costs, and benefits is available.

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Fran Simon and Andrea Goggins, Engagement Strategies

Our experience

Fran Simon, the Chief Engagement Officer of Engagement Strategies (that’s me) is the producer of webinars here, and the founder of ECIW. I’ve been producing and promoting webinars since 2003 in executive level positions in a publishing company and a national non-profit association, and now as a consultant. I am fortunate to work with a talented Associate Producer, Andrea Goggins, since 2013. Together, we have the tools and know how to help you make your webinars and online meetings successful. and train you or your staff to conduct webinars independently.


Case studies of our successful engagements training, hosting, and sponsorship with companies, organizations, and independent consultants are available.

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