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Join Fran S. Simon, M.Ed. ECE subject matter expert and career executive-level marketing consultant, for these free webinars produced for companies and non-profit organizations that sell products or provide services to early childhood education programs.

Fran Simon, M.Ed.

Fran Simon Chief Engagement Officer Engagement Strategies






An Insider’s Secrets for Marketing and Selling to Buyers in the Early Childhood Education Sector, by Fran Simon, M.Ed.


December 3, 2018
2 PM Eastern Time


So, your company has powerful products or services that are perfect for the early care education market. Great! But how much do you and your teams know about the buyers’ challenges and needs? How much time have you or your team spent in an early education setting, or spoken to educators about their challenges (outside of your booth at conferences?)


Executives, sales, and marketing staff in most companies believe that the same B2B strategies and techniques work in any industry. In general, some of the most basic principles of the “4 Ps” do apply, but the early childhood care and education sector are simply like a different planet than any other industry. The decision makers speak a different language, have different needs and challenges, and have different mindsets. Don’t be mistaken, though; the field is hungry for great products and services.


There is money to be made in this industry. Being successful requires that you and your team learn the differences in this niche market. Finding the right target audience, understanding their needs, using the correct approaches and vernacular is more art than science.


Join this webinar, presented by Fran Simon, M.Ed., to learn a few key secrets of connecting with and selling to decision makers in the industry.


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Using Webinars to Build Your Company’s Sales Pipeline in the Early Childhood Education Marketplace


December 10, 2018
2 PM Eastern Time, US


Cracking into the depths of the early childhood education marketplace requires a host of strategies: Exhibit marketing, advertising, social media, content marketing and more. But currently, webinars are the most impactful and immediate of all of the techniques you can use. Marketers in every industry have discovered the power of webinars as a content or inbound marketing technique, and they have become ubiquitous for good reason.


Join this webinar, presented by Fran Simon, M.Ed., to explore how webinars will make your company’s email and postal list, sales pipeline, and brand explode and how to use them to hone in on key decision-makers in this unique market sector. You will also learn more about how sponsorship of Early Childhood Investigations Webinars can help you reach an audience of 80,000+ early education buyers.


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