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Fran Simon, M.Ed.

Fran Simon Chief Engagement Officer Engagement Strategies


October 6, 2020

3 PM Eastern Time, US


Do you miss packing your exhibits, spending thousands of dollars, and crossing your fingers qualified leads will visit your booth? Not me!


As the world shifts due to COVID-19, companies like yours are rapidly switching gears and redeveloping their marketing plans like never before. This is especially true in the early childhood sector where it is imperative to build customers’ trust. Now that conferences and exhibits are on hold, you need alternative ways to reach new clients and customers, PRONTO!


Join this free webinar to learn how to accelerate lead generation and marketing strategies to be so successful you won’t even miss those high-ticket yet high-touch conferences. The webinar will include some key tips for getting the most out of sponsorship opportunities, advertising, website marketing, and social media in the early care and education sector. You will also hear a little about the magic of webinars and the immediate gratification of email marketing. Even if you are an experienced marketer who uses all of these strategies, you are sure to pick up important insider tips about early childhood education customers and the mystery of this industry.


Sometimes known as the Webinar Woman of Early Childhood Investigations Webinars, in real life I am an experienced consultant who specializes in marketing and branding for non-profit organizations and companies that sell products and services to early care and education businesses. In this webinar, I will share the unique perspective of someone who was once your target customer, then worked in executive roles in top companies and NPOs marketing and selling products and services just like yours. I will walk you through key strategies that you can implement tomorrow, and provide you with ideas for your new-era marketing plans. Just to be clear, I plan to dazzle you with my insights and pitch my consulting services and webinar and email sponsorships, as well as sharing my secrets. (Obviously there’s no obligation, but you will want me on your team!) Join me!


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