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Consulting Processes

Ways We Can Collaborate

If your company or non-profit organization needs new customers, members, or constituents in early education, I can help you reach them.


Generally, there are three ways to work with me:


Business planning with focus on:

Your organization’s current position in the Early Care and Education industry landscape as it specifically relates to your products and services.


Marketing planning with focus on:

Finding just the right mix digital and traditional marketing tactics including:

Website optimization

Social media

Print and digital ads

Webinars and other lead generation tactics

Exhibit marketing

Conference presentations



Comprehensive Business or Marketing Planning

Your company will benefit from a long term engagement in which we work deeply together to review your current position in the early education industry, set new goals, and plan for growth. Marketing and business planning endeavors with me are typically long term retainer projects that last between 6 to 12 months and involve all internal stakeholders in the organization. Whether your organization is a start-up or established, extensive long range planning will help define, target, and drive carefully coordinated growth activities with all staff working toward the same goal. Because my goal is always to leave my clients with realistic and actionable plans they can independently execute going forward, I carefully explore the company’s core competencies and gaps.

All long term engagements follow this general process:


First, we begin with a half or full-day kick off meeting with key internal staff, followed by an online survey of all staff related to the work.


Next, I dig. I conduct research that may include interviews with company executives, board members, key customers, and former customers. If applicable, I will coordinate with other contractors and partners who are involved in related activities for your organization.


Along the way, we will meet to review what I have learned and you will provide me with more details and updates. The process is highly iterative and collaborative, so you will always know the progress and status of my work.


Finally, I will present a draft plan that is typically 40 to 60 pages of detailed reviews, recommendations, diagrams, and step-by-step plans. You, as the primary contact, will review the plan and, if needed, request modifications. Once complete, we will meet again with key stakeholders to formally present the plan.


Depending on the length and scope of the engagement, I will work with staff members to provide initial training so they can be successfully implement their assigned strategies and tactics.


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