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Our mission: Empowering organizations to connect with the early childhood education sector

Engagement Strategies is a consulting company founded by Fran Simon, M.Ed  in 2010. In 2013, my husband, Mike Simon, MBA took over operations of the company before, during, and after my heart transplant. Now I am back and invigorated.


Engagement Strategies specializes in developing business and marketing strategies for companies and nonprofit organizations that provide services and sell products in the early childhood education sector. Our mission is simple: We want to help your organization engage with early childhood educators and their programs.  Working collaboratively with your company, I will provide the road map your organization needs to connect with and sell to your specific target audience through comprehensive business development and inbound marketing plans. We will empower your company to use social media, email marketing, webinars, exhibit marketing, presentations, lead generation strategies, public relations, digital and print advertising to find and connect with new customers.

Fran Simon, M.Ed., Engagement Strategies

Consulting Services by an Early Childhood SME and Business Executive

Because Fran is an experienced early education expert who was once an administrator of a mid-size child care organization, she thinks like your core target decision maker. With extensive experience as an executive in companies and NPOs like yours, we’ve  planned and implemented strategies just like the strategies your organization needs.

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The Engagement Strategies difference: Building toward autonomy using hybrid consulting services

Whether you need help with comprehensive plans or a particular project, my goal is to make your company autonomous to eventually, you don’t need a consultant to manage your marketing.


My process is a combination of various consultative roles:  Research, planning, mapping, professional development and implementation support.  I work with clients to develop and execute realistic plans using proven strategies that are can be replicated and scaled as their organizations grow.


The result of your engagement with me is substantial growth and a blueprint for the future that your organization can implement without further engagement with me. In other words, I aim for the unthinkable in the consulting world: I want to make you so successful, you will no longer need my services. It sounds crazy, but my real measure of success is to become obsolete to my clients. Although, my work with clients often uncovers unanticipated needs that spur them to re-engage with me as a long-term strategic partner. Of course, I am always happy to develop long-term contracts, too.

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Take advantage of my mission to connect early education

I formed Engagement Strategies because I know how hard it is for companies and non-profit organizations find the very specific expertise they need to engage with decision makers in the early childhood sector. Finding the right strategies, messaging, processes and voice to connect with the early education industry can require a tweezer-like approach.


Your company can benefit from my natural inclination to champion good products and services– the organizations and people who offer  successful solutions to the very real problems early childhood educators face every day.  As a career early educator by training and early experience, my personal mission is to connect my colleagues with the best of the best.


Join me to work side-by-side so your company becomes so successful you don’t need me any more!

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Marketing Strategy,

Business Strategy,

Webinar Production,

Inbound Marketing,

Email Marketing,

Early Childhood Education,


Software as a Service,



Social Media

All specifically in the early childhood sector

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My core competency is my ability to relate to your challenges based on 30 years of professional experience in:


Publishing: B2B and B2G

Software as a service (SaaS) in early education

National nonprofit advocacy and membership organizations

Local nonprofit organizations

Early care and education administration and management

Providing services with these competencies

Webinar production, hosting, and promotion

B2B business management

Marketing (integrated, e-marketing, inbound/content marketing)

Business Development

SaaS recurring revenue systems: Development, Management, Sales Processes

Curriculum and assessment product management

Internet product development and management

Lead generation

Webinar production and hosting

Online advocacy, marketing, outreach, and fundraising

Organic social media

Training and presentations on social media, emarketing, lead generation, webinar production, child care administration and management

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