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Engagement Strategies


We help companies, publishers, and non-profit organizations connect with early childhood education decision-makers and influencers. Our marketing, business development, webinars and passion make our clients’ businesses soar.


Launched in 2010 by Engagement Strategies, Early Childhood Investigations Webinars provides free conference-quality webinars to early childhood education professionals, and highly qualified leads to Sponsors who want to connect with them.

Consultants Directory

Early Childhood Investigations Consultants Directory is an online hub where everyone in the industry can search to find expert consultants who make businesses run: From attorneys and authors to PD providers and experts, you can find them our Directory.



I’m Fran Simon, and I want to help you and your organization skyrocket in the early education industry through strategic, highly targeted and realistic business development planning.


Engagement Strategies is the convergence of my passions: Advancing early education, inbound marketing and damn-good products and services run by extraordinary people. I live to make big things happen for my industry.  I care deeply about ensuring my colleagues and the children and families they care for have access to the most effective tools and information available.  I am passionate about great companies and organizations that are focused on providing offerings that enhance the lives of educators, children, and families. Most of all, I want to be on your team, making your company grow.


Working together with you and your staff, we will use marketing, business development, webinars, and social media to attract and network the target market your company needs to thrive. Whether you are from a publishing company, a non-profit organization or association, a government agency, or you are a consultant or your company sells solutions, and you want to reach early educators, we can work together to make a difference.


Take the first step to grow your business. Contact me for a free initial meeting to learn more about how we can get your message to early education decision-makers.


Here’s to making big things happen!


Fran Simon, M.Ed.
Chief Engagement Officer
Engagement Strategies, LLC.


Early Childhood Investigations
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