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Early Childhood Software Intelligence

Engagement Strategies, offers consulting and subject matter expertise about early childhood software that is used by administrators and teachers to companies and developers. I work closely with clients based on more than 30 years experience in the industry.


I often conduct large scale surveys on ear;y childhood administrators and educators use of software to inform my work with clients, my presentations and journal articles. In 2018, I surveyed 19 vendors about the features and unique sales propositions of their products. Most recently, in 2019,  I worked with Steven J. Dick, Ph.D. of Modern Metrics Barn to  survey and analyze 2,800 early childhood professionals about their use or non-use of software, their shopping experiences, perceptions of products and the products’ associated services.


Here,you can access the materials related to the 2019 survey, the materials for my 2019 NAEYC presentation, Digitizing your program’s operations: How to choose software for program management, family communications, and documentation, and the materials from my 2018 presentation, Directors as Fearless Consumers of Early Childhood Software. 




2019 Information about institutional early childhood software products


Digitizing your program's operations: Selecting Software for Early Childhood Education Programs


NAEYC 2019 Slide Handouts Digitizing your program’s operations How to choose software for program management and family communications NAEYC 2019.



Digitizing Your Program's Operations

Excel Spreadsheet: List of available institutional early childhood software products, 2019

(Will be updated every six months.)


Directors as Fearless Consumers of Child Data Management and Family Engagement Software


NAEYC 2018 Slide Handout: Directors as Fearless Consumers of Early Childhood Software





2018 ECE Software Product Profile: 19 products 





Detailed feature by feature product comparison charts of  19 ECE Software Products 2018 Software


2018 Product comparison of 19 Early Childhood Software Products



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