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Connecting early education decision-makers

It’s pretty simple:

Sometimes you just need recommendations from someone with specific expertise you or your organization simply does not have. Investing in consulting is often the best way to tap into knowledge, skills, and networks that can help your organization get to the next level.


Engagement Strategies specializes in the business of connecting early education decision-makers with companies with great products and non-profit organizations with great missions. Consulting services are provided by Fran Simon, M.Ed., a former non-profit program administrator, early childhood publishing executive, and association leader. I’ve built my expertise since 1985 through experiences in the trenches as an administrator of a mid-size multi-site non-profit child care center where I was your organization’s target customer. I spent 15 years in direct service, later moving on to executive positions in which I was responsible for publishing, advocacy, and Internet SaaS software development and management, always in the early education sector. I’m here, ready to help with innovative business development, comprehensive marketing, social media, and digital technology consulting.

My Consulting Specialties

``Inbound`` marketing

Comprehensive traditional marketing, including digital and print advertising, exhibit marketing, and media

Webinar production, hosting, and promotion

Social media consulting, training, and coaching

Integrated business development and tactical plans

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Client independence is my goal

My first priority in consulting engagements is to help my clients reach their goals. But I also focus on helping them learn new strategies and tactics so they are able to implement them on their own, without me or any other consultant. I’m fortunate to have worked with clients who have invested in enduring engagements with me, which is certainly ideal. However, I respect my clients’ need to move on without a consultant. I know I have been successful when my clients are able to thrive based on the work we have done together.

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