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Fran demonstrated the ability to collaborate to make things happen and achieve NACCRRA’s goals


In her role as Chief of Parent Engagement at the National Association for Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (NACCRRA), Fran Simon developed a very successful online portal for families and amassed 100,000 parents to support our public policy agenda through digital tactics and inbound marketing. She was an inquisitive and insightful member of the leadership team with the ability to collaborate to make things happen and achieve our organization’s goals. Fran was an asset to NACCRRA.


Linda K. Smith

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Early Childhood Development, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Administration for Children and Families


An outstanding asset


As a marketer, Fran can best be described as extremely knowledgeable, passionate and candid. She was an outstanding asset to us and instrumental in helping to create our early learning marketing plan that focused on building market awareness and credibility. The results? A significant increase in name recognition, creative strategic partnerships and a strong foundation for content marketing campaigns. When strategic marketing needs arise – especially in the early learning sector – Fran would be my first call.


Andrew Davis

Director, Early Childhood Products, Follett School Solutions


The product she delivered was right on


As the McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership expands, Fran provided us with keen insights on how we need to market the expansion of our work. She gave us everything we were expecting and more! The best part was she took the time upfront to get to know our organization so that the product she delivered was right on. I would highly recommend Fran to assist you too!


Sue Offutt

Former Executive Director, McCormick Center for Early Childhood Leadership


Skilled as a manager, and at marketing


Fran supported the work and efforts of the National Association for the Education of Young Children Technology and Young Children Interest Forum for years, coordinating the technology resource room at the annual conference, and promoting the work of this group. It was evident from this collaboration how skilled Fran is as a manager, and at marketing. She helped find sponsors, coordinate schedules of volunteers and events in the room, and used her marketing skills to let conference attendees know about the technology room and activities taking place there. Fran’s enthusiasm, dedication, and support for promoting technology use to benefit the early education field was clear from her hard work on these NAEYC Technology and Young Children Interest Forum projects.


Bonnie Blagojevic

Research Associate, UMaine


My go-to expert on inbound marketing and social media


Fran is my go-to expert on inbound marketing and social media. She is both sharp and warm—a great person to work with and a great person to trust for advice and guidance. She hosted two of my webinars that were very successful, so I am happy to recommend her and her work.


Karen N. Nemeth

Senior Training and TA Specialist-DLL at ZERO TO THREE


First to arrive for a project, and the last to leave


Fran Simon is a very hard working leader who is results-driven. She is willing to go over and beyond and she gets the job done. Fran is the type of leader who is the first to arrive for a project, and the last to leave. She is a true professional.


Mila Fuller

Director of Strategic Initiatives, International Society for Technology in Education


Creative, efficient solutions


I worked closely with Fran on a number of projects at NACCRRA. Fran displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. She is definitely a leader rather than a follower. Notably, Fran has the keen ability to mesh a deep understand of the target market and cutting-edge technology. This results in creative, efficient solutions.

Her good judgment and technical savvy ensure a progressive, logical, and practical approach to her endeavors.


Bryan Schultz

Nonprofit Organization Executive


I consider Fran a mentor


Having worked with Fran for 6 years, I can say, without reservation, that she is one of the brightest and most capable persons that I have ever worked with. While working at an executive level, Fran was able to consistently think 3 steps ahead of the rest of us, whilst maintaining a level-headed and detailed perspective of the immediate environment and its challenges. Fran helped (and had often to persevere) to transform Teaching Strategies from a small company to a growth-oriented, efficient corporate environment. Her focus on accountability, generously and fairly recognizing her employees, project and program management, systems and analytical planning and thinking, were instrumental to Teaching Strategies’ success. Her knowledge of technology and her capacity to learn and drive new ideas is superior. I consider her a mentor.


Carla Uriona

Creative Director, Teaching Strategies, Inc.


A client since 2010


I have been a client of Fran’s since 2010, when I first partnered with her to develop and execute a marketing strategy for Robert-Leslie Publishing and the InvestiGator Club. I had known of Fran through her great reputation and our intersection on social media platforms. Fran went beyond what consultants normally do in assessing a client’s needs. She did extensive research, applied her own background and skills, and helped us to implement a successful marketing strategy for InvestiGator Club. We launched our new marketing campaign with Early Childhood Investigations Webinars and worked together with great thought leaders in early childhood to present free webinars to ECE administrators and teachers. Fran has built her webinars to an unparalleled level of success over the last several years, which benefits the ECE world as a whole in addition to her sponsors and presenters. What I appreciate most about working with Fran, is her dedication to her clients, her generosity in sharing contacts and knowledge, and the level of thought and analysis she invests in directing her clients to success. I highly recommend Fran to anyone who is considering her marketing services or thinking about sponsoring a webinar series.


Judith Coffey

CEO at Rainbow Concepts, InvestiGator Club, Dilly’s Tree House

Fran taught us how to do better in the process


In 2015, Opening Minds USA launched a historic live stream educational event during the Annual Opening Minds Conference and Expo in Chicago. Where do you go and who do you turn to when you are launching new ideas and directions? Fran Simon. Fran was our go-to thought partner on the project because Fran is a one-of-a-kind professional who can translate and adapt her knowledge and skill to new ideas and projects and just as important, teach us how to do better in the process. Fran made the process of setting up a promotional email launch with Early Childhood Investigations, easy. It was helpful to have a template as a starting point, and Fran to curate our message and content for Early Childhood Investigation’s customer list. Tailoring a message for a call to action is one of Fran’s many gifts. We were pleased the initial email piqued the interest of so many early childhood professionals. The analytics were telling and will be helpful as we continue to plan for additional events in the future.


Gail Conway

Creative Problem Solver and Chief Executive Officer at Opening Minds


Passionate about learning and about sharing


Fran is passionate about learning and about sharing her knowledge with others in the early childhood field.


Kathy Charner

Editor-in-Chief at Gryphon House


Fran considers the possible while making the practical happen


Fran is a high-energy creative thinker who has worked in all areas of online communication, including publishing, marketing, and new media. Fran is an excellent manager who helps her staff improve their performance by providing relevant training and ongoing coaching. During the years I worked with Fran, I knew her to be a forward-thinking planner and decision-maker who could consider the possible while making the practical happen. I highly recommend Fran.


Leslie O’Flahavan

Owner, E-WRITE


Extremely down to earth and personable


Fran is one of the finest consultants I have worked with over the years. She has a strong command of social media and digital marketing as well as expertise in the early childhood market space making her a dynamic combination. While an expert in her field, she is extremely down to earth and personable, making it a real joy to work with her on projects. She is truly a team player and acts as both an extension of your organization in marketing project execution, as well as a coaching role for your marketing team to build new capabilities.


Marcy Daniel

Formerly VP of Marketing, Hatch Early Learning


Good judgment and technical savvy


I worked closely with Fran on a number of projects at NACCRRA. Fran displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. She is definitely a leader rather than a follower. Notably, Fran has the keen ability to mesh a deep understanding of the target market and cutting-edge technology. This results in creative, efficient solutions. Her good judgment and and technical savvy ensure a progressive, logical and practical approach to her endeavors.


Bryan Schultz

Chief of Membership and Organizational Advancement, National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies


Energetic, roll-up her sleeves professional


I enjoyed working with Fran Simon. Fran is an energetic roll-up her sleeves Product Marketing professional. She is a great listener and considers the views of all parties in her deliberations. I recommend Fran to any organization looking to grow.


Charles Ball

Customer Experience Manager at Network for Good


Ability to see the big picture


Fran reported to me in various positions for 15 years at All Saints’ All Day Child Care Center, a 501(c)3 organization with 6 sites. She began her employment as a Teacher/Director in a start up center in a public school where she built instant rapport with the children, staff, families, All Saints’ All Day Board of Directors, and school administration. Along with the growth of All Saints’ All Day, Fran was quickly promoted to the newly created position of Director of Resources and Development. In that capacity Fran was instrumental in overseeing the growth and development of a once small organization into one largest child care organizations in lower Montgomery County. A great deal of the organization’s early growth and success can be attributed to Fran’s commitment, compassion, and professionalism. Fran personally developed and administered the fundraising efforts of the Center which benefited the scholarship fund, providing financial aid to over 60 families who would otherwise be unable to afford child care. With her ability to see the big picture, she oversaw the Center’s growth, from hiring and supervising staff to development efforts. Fran spearheaded the marketing, technology, and public relations operations for ASAD including the employee handbook, brochures, newsletters, promotional flyers, and much more. She organized community events, set up the CFC fund, and the organizations’ visibility on the internet by coordinating with Guide Star. Fran also managed the organization’s technology, including several transitions and migrations. We went from a completely manual organization to a technologically savvy business through her stewardship. Fran is one of the most creative and passionate people with whom I have ever worked. Fran’s drive and motivation contributed to putting All Saints All Day on the map as a premier child care provider. Her vision created a much improved and efficient operation of the Center’s business operations. It was a privilege to have worked with Fran for 15 years. I truly value the professional and personal relationship that we continue to share to this day. I consider it an honor to have served as Fran’s supervisor.


Bruce Kahan

Executive Director, Wonders Child Care Center


She values feedback


Fran is a fantastic leader to work with. She values feedback from her team and is able to ask the important questions. She brings dynamism and vision with her wherever she goes.


Dylan Gold

Formerly, Network for Good

There are very few marketing minds so attuned to the vast and varied ECE space


One of the best decisions I could have made during my work as Director of Follett Early Learning was to hire Fran Simon and Engagement Strategies to help build our brand in the Early Childhood Education field. Fran took the time to learn about our work and efforts to that point, internalized our identity, then made sound recommendations for our marketing collateral, exhibit presence and voice in the field. Most notably, we sponsored a series of webinars that we called the “Follett Growing Readers Webinar Series” that featured thoughtfully-selected leaders in the ECE field. It was an absolute hit. While we had been producing catalogs for a few years before we kicked off the webinar series, most of our inquiries – whether at conference exhibits, conference sessions or inbound calls – referenced learning about us through the webinar series. The integrated marketing plan and webinars set us perfectly on the path of brand credibility we wanted and opened doors for us where our best efforts had failed before. That experience led me to realize that there are very few marketing minds so attuned to the vast and varied ECE space and even fewer positioned with a vehicle to engage providers. Fran Simon and Engagement Strategies uniquely fits that bill and, if I ever needed help building an ECE marketing strategy, she would be at the top of my list.


Andrew Davis

Director, Follett Early Learning


Impressed with her knowledge of the field of early childhood and of educational technology


Fran Simon is an accomplished professional who brings an extremely high level of expertise and talent to her endeavors. In my position as the Research Director for Hatch Early Learning, over the time I have worked with Fran I have continued to be impressed with her knowledge of the field of early childhood and of educational technology for early learners. She excels through her strong work ethic and commitment to excellence. Fran is always ready and available to lend support and does so graciously and with good humor! The combination is one that is simply unbeatable.


Lilla Dale McManis

Researcher, Former Director of Research for Hatch Early Learning,

Co-Author, Technology in ECE Classrooms Results of a New Survey and Implications for the Field


She has the vision


Fran can assess a situation and identify opportunities where technology can streamline and optimize the process. She has the vision to see the various parts and departments of a company and pinpoint where they can and should intersect for communications, technology and operations.


Eleanor Frias

Owner, Modern Signal


Innovative, passionate, and authentic


I worked with Fran when she was with NACCRRA and leading the charge for the Child Care Aware Parent Network. Fran is passionate about quality child care and will stop at nothing to get the word out to inform parents on this important issue. In addition to her passion about the education of children and quality child care, Fran is also very creative about marketing and communication angles. I have seen Fran unapologetically try new technologies turn these channels into great, effective new resources.

Fran is innovative, passionate, authentic and a pleasure to work with!


Kelly (Lynch) Russell

VP, Client Relations at EdAssist, a Bright Horizons Solution at Work


Excellent track record of collaborating with other organizations


Over the past five years I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with Fran Simon in several capacities including as a business partner, colleague, and friend. She is a well organized, very detail oriented leader who brings an abundance of new ideas to the table. She has an excellent track record of collaborating with other organizations and has been a strong voice in the movement to increase the technology skills of early childhood administrators. I would highly recommend her as a candidate for any opportunity she chooses to pursue.


Tim Walker

Director of Technology, National-Louis University, McCormick Tribune Center


A hard worker and dedicated professional


I have known and worked with Fran for almost six years. With Fran at the helm, we worked together to build excellent web-based applications for Teaching Strategies, Inc. Fran is a very hard worker and is extremely dedicated to making sure that the projects she works on are successful.


Adam Polon

Owner, Modern Signal


Useful content, great presentation style


Fran led a well-received presentation on the LinkedIn as a professional tool. She had useful content, great presentation style and easy-to-follow manner. The session was a combination of lecture and fluid Q&A where she conducted a live demo. She connected with the all the attendees and left us with a wealth of information!


Peggy Hoffman, CAE

Association Executive, Volunteer Trainer, Speaker


Always seeking the latest information to better provide for her clients


Utilizing Fran’s services to help implement an online marketing program for my company was among the best business decisions I’ve ever made. To say that Fran goes the extra mile does not begin to do justice with respect to her efforts. Fran will care about your success every bit as much as you will. She consistently makes sound suggestions and is clearly both an expert and a student who is always seeking the latest information to better provide for her clients. Fran is equally liable to propose a recommendation that reinforces your own thoughts as she is to make one that you may never have thought of yet makes perfect sense nevertheless. I would whole-heartedly recommend Fran Simon for virtually any online marketing need.


Adam Van Wye

Owner, Mailing Lists, Inc.